Free Microsoft Access Training

MS Access Training

These free video tutorials will show you how to use microsoft access to organize your business or personal data. Knowing how to use a database can also get you a better job and make you valuable in an office environment.

A lot of people around the world use microsoft excel or another spreadsheet and the word “database” sounds scary. It is because in the past databases have been for programmers and have meant learning a programming language. Excel is very straight forward as it is like a piece of paper with rows and columns so people shy away from something like databases that they are uncertain about.

You don’t need to be worried that microsoft access will be too difficult. There isn’t any programming to learn to be able to make a full system to run a business, project or personal program. Access is just like having lots of excel sheets, joining them together, and then selecting what you want from each sheet. It can do much more than that like calculations and formulas but in essence that is all it is.

The biggest concept to understand at first is how to join the tables together but by doing a few examples it becomes common sense.

This site is full of free training aimed at the beginner to advanced user. I have used real life examples so that you are always aware why we do certain things. If you are not familiar at all with databases then the introduction videos will enlighten you. If you have Microsoft Access and want to go straight to using it then go to the MS Access lessons.

With the lessons, I recommend that you watch one video at a time and then try to do it yourself. I would recommend that you then go back and try the whole database without watching the video and then make up your own similar example. You will learn most by practising and learning from your mistakes. Start with the basic examples and watch all the of them as I have added new things in each one.

Have Fun!

Stuart Miles